Custom Mouthguards

A mouthguard, custom-fitted by your dentist at The Dental Practice, can help reduce the risk of dental injuries whilst playing sports, or other physical recreational activities.

Custom Fit Mouthguards in Bathurst | The Dental Practice Bathurst

How to care for your mouthguard

  • Rinse the mouthguard in soap and warm (not hot) water after use. Allow it to air-dry.
  • Disinfect the mouthguard from time to time with a mouthwash.
  • Keep the mouthguard in a well-ventilated plastic storage box when not in use. The box should have several holes in it.
  • Do not leave the mouthguard in direct sunlight, in a closed car or in the car’s glove box. Heat can damage the mouth guard.
  • Ask your dentist to inspect your mouthguard at every dental assessment.
  • Replace the mouthguard if it's damaged.
  • Replace a child’s mouthguard every 12 to 18 months, even if it appears to be in good condition. Growth and new teeth can alter the fit.
  • Replace an adult’s mouthguard after dental treatment or tooth loss. Otherwise it should last for several years.

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