Stop Snoring / Sleep Aponea

It is a common assumption among the general community that snoring is natural and cannot be stopped or that an ear, nose and throat specialist is the only one who can address the issue. However at The Dental Practice in Bathurst, we can also help to treat this problem.

Treating Snoring in Bathurst | The Dental Practice Bathurst

Snoring occurs when the muscles in our mouth and throat fail to function normally. This can lead to loud vibrations in our air passage and the noise we know as snoring. However, despite being annoying to ourselves and anyone sharing a bed with us, snoring can also be a sign of the more serious condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA.). This occurs when there is a blockage in our throat so severe that it causes our muscles to spasm,which temporarily awaken us until we resume normal breathing and fall asleep again. This process can occur multiple times throughout a single night without us even realising.

At The Dental Practice in Bathurst our dental team can assess your situation to determine if you require a dental appliance to help your jaw stay in the optimal position while you sleep, in order to prevent snoring and OSA.

If you are a snorer (or someone else thinks you are) contact our friendly team in Bathurst to discuss your snoring.